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Rough Day Remedy


A zine that reminds you to take care of yourself

The basic idea of a choose your own self-care book occurred to me when I consoled my best friend Ferrari who was having a hard time. In our conversation, I was reminded of how tough and mean a person can be toward themselves. Since our society is more likely to define one’s value through their work and productivity, many people are spending more and more hours working to prove themselves as worthy. This leads to issues such as physical fatigue, burnout syndrome, and many mental health issues due to the lack of hours spent in self-care.


While self-care is just a bunch of simple and easy things, we do not pay enough attention to it as much as we should and often forget about it. So Rough Day Remedy is created to serve as a reminder for everyone to take better care of themselves. 

Want to read more and interested in printed copies? Email me!

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